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The Labyrinth Company designs and builds walkable labyrinths in all media for temporary or permanent use. We have extensive experience designing and building permanent labyrinths, especially in meditation garden settings. We have pioneered award-winning innovations such as our Paver Labyrinth Kit™ system.

The Labyrinth Company builds washable portable labyrinths using poly canvas and vinyl, and permanent labyrinths in carpet, cork, wood, vinyl tile, ceramic tile, mosaic, terrazzo, turf grass, plantings, mulch, stone, concrete and masonry. We supply contractors with precision layout tools, and we supply professional and amateur gardeners with our inspirational Garden Labyrinth Template™ system. We will design & build your labyrinth in your choice of materials and custom size.

The Labyrinth Company has designed and crafted labyrinths (in 46 designs to date) for churches, medical centers, hospices, friaries, retreat centers, schools, spiritual counselors, businesses and individual homeowners throughout North America and abroad.